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New Birth Communications

Almost overnight, the Internet has gone from a technical wonder to a business must. If your business is not online it is invisible.

We can provide interactive, new media applications with features such as pod casting, Flash video, blogs, forums, event management, community and social networking facilities, user login and user profiles, user only content, galleries, email marketing, real time chat, payment systems and shopping carts, data capture, multi-lingual content, in either a funky or corporate style, colorful or plain, simple or busy.

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A-Head is an online creative resources shop aimed at equipping creative professionals with the resources & tools they need to get ahead in their respective professions. We cater for graphic designers, digital artists, photographers, videographers, sound engineers, producers & programmers. Shop Creative >


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And when its all said and done...

"Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration." -- Jeffrey Zeldman

TUT FM Interview - Kifilwe Tlhone (KASHPORT (PTY) Ltd)

Technology with no limits. Stay tuned for the latest innovation to ever come to being. Kifilwe Tlhone of Kashport multimedia could possibly revolutionize mobile communication forever. The Phantom powered Kashport tablet with Android operating system has many "firsts" in functionality, such as a mobile recording studio. This technology would be without a doubt second to none. Watch this space..